Interstate Batteries Berlin-Gorham NH

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Interstate Batteries Berlin-Gorham NH: Conveniently located on Main Street in the heart of downtown Gorham, Byrne Auto is the #1 choice for Interstate Batteries in the greater Berlin-Gorham NH area! Byrne Auto is the oldest Interstate Batteries dealer in town, partnering with Interstate for nearly 40 years to provide New Hampshire’s North Country with the best in automotive batteries.

Free Installation: When you buy your new car or light truck battery from Byrne Auto, we’ll install it for FREE (most vehicles)!

Wide Selection:

  • Automotive / Car & Light Truck Batteries
  • Car Key Fob Batteries
  • Garage Door Opener Batteries
  • AAA, AA, C, D, & 9-Volt Batteries

Car & Light Truck Batteries

Byrne Auto stocks many of the most popular car & light truck batteries, so there is a great chance we have the battery size you need in stock! We are part of a network of local battery dealers, so even if we don’t have your particular battery size on our shelves, we can often have it delivered within 15 – 20 minutes for the same low advertised price.

Interstate MegaTron Plus / MTP Batteries

Let’s face it, the winters here in Berlin-Gorham NH can get downright cold! As the primary local roadside assistance provider for AAA, we get LOTS of calls for jumpstarts on those below-zero days. But you can better protect yourself against that inconvenience by setting yourself up with the higher-cold-cranking-amp MTP line of batteries, which come with a 30-MONTH FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY and 6-year prorated performance warranty.

Interstate MegaTron / MT Batteries

Perhaps you have a classic vehicle that you drive during the beautiful north country summertime, or otherwise feel that you don’t need the extra cold-cranking-amps of the MTP line. You can set yourself up with the classic Interstate power of the MT line of batteries, which come with a 24-MONTH FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY and 5-year prorated performance warranty.

Button Cell Batteries for Car Key Fobs . . . or Watches and Other Household Electronics

Popular Garage-Door-Opener-Remote Batteries

Workaholic Alkaline Batteries | AAA, AA, C, D, & 9V